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Dear Shihan, Sifu and Sensei’s,

We would like to take this opportunity to invite you to join the World Kumite Organization.

The WKO is a non political Martial Arts Organization comprised of some of the most influential Masters of Martial Arts living today. We are made up of over 126 different styles from all over the world.

The World Kumite Organization was formed in order to break down the political barriers between systems and to join together as one to help bring back the traditionalism, power, and charisma that the traditional martial arts deserves.

The World Kumite Organization is fast growing into  the largest Martial Arts organizations in the world due to its strength in unity and recognition of each other.

 We don’t get involved with internal politics of other organizations or dojo’s that are part of the WKO.

The WKO does not do gradings, however, we do underwrite its member’s grades and Dan’s providing proof is supplied by way of certification from the applying instructor’s organization or system. All certificates issued by the WKO are Gold embossed and a small charge for issuing these certificates is applicable. Remember the WKO will only underwrite your current grade providing it can be verified by your system or organization. The charge for these certificates are $50 US, Which includes postage worldwide.

The Wimage003orld Kumite Organization is a purely non political organization formed to create and help revive the esteem of traditional Martial Arts Tournaments which ensures that competitors and members are truly practitioners of traditional Martial arts. Every two years the World Kumite Championships are held and are by invitation only in Thailand. Each master puts forward his best fighters to compete, the tournament is normaly held in Thailand  due to the Governments support and visa status for competitors. The first Kumite held since 1982 in Hong Kong was held in 2008, followed by March 9th 2010. These events are traditional Kumite that are helping to bring back the charisma of traditional Martial Arts today.

Also every altanate year the WKO hosts the World in Osaka Japan, along with every year a WKO All Japan and 12 other tournaments through out the regions of japan.

Since then we have witnessed firsthand due to our strong leadership and non political stance the WKO boom in Japan, joining over 300 of the most influential masters in Japan from over 126 different styles and over 700 international shihans from all over the world regardless of style  within a 5 year period

WKO JAPAN2012worldcup_shihans

image007One of the most influential figures and well respected Masters in Knock Down Karate today in Japan is undoubtably Kancho Masayasu Sugihara of Byakuren Kaikan and the Japan Chairman for the World Kumite Organization. With the rapid growth in Japan in the WKO we have now commenced WKO tournaments every month in all different regions of Japan. And on November 19th 2011 in Osaka the WKO held its first ever ALL JAPAN MULTI STYLE CHAMPIONSHIPS with over 1200 fighters in attendance and a packed stadium. Following this was the 2012 WKO Okinawan Open held on 27th of May  and July 29 2012 was the WKO under 18yrs All Japan with over 1123 fighters. In between these major tournaments the WKO also promoted over 29 tounaments between 2009 to 2012

In japan alone the World Kumite Organization has of 300 of the most influental masters in Japan , not to mention the other 600 international masters , in total controling over 6,ooo,ooo students through out the world in 76 countries.

On October 14th 2012 the WKO hosted the 2012 WKO WORLD CUP in Osaka Japan; Champions from over 125 styles  competed in the first ever tournament of its kind.

The WKO in the 2nd Febuary 2013 hosted the Pacific and South east Asian Open Karate Championships in Pattaya Thailand .The WKO also held the 2013 World Kumite Championships on the 11 th of August where each master put their best student forward in a closed door Kumite.

The World Kumite Organization in conjunction with the South East Asian School Of Martial Arts Thailand, (a certified school of Martial Arts under the Thailand Ministry of Education), and sponsored ISS WORLDWIDE.CO LTD intends to bring back the full glamour and esteem of traditional martial arts.


image009Our aim is to promote an interest in and bringing the charisma back into the traditional Martial Arts as it once was.

The World Kumite Organization wants to promote the skill of traditional Martial Arts, in the purest form possible, and we hope those schools wishing to promote and demonstrate to the world the power of traditional Martial Arts will combine to make The World Kumite Organization a meeting place and a stepping stone for the unity of traditional Martial Arts.

Our main goal is to run The World Kumite Championships and to ensure a fair chance to all competitors from around the world despite what system; country or school the competitor comes from. To bring back the charisma of the Kumite and not let it be influenced by politics, we follow the kohi, sempai, Sihing, Sidai system regardless of system or style.


The WKO organization offers only privileged Masters and Branch Chiefs to join of which is normally by introduction from another member or direct invitation from the World Kumite Organization itself. The South East Asian School of Martial Arts which is a certified school of the government of Thailand and the WKO selects only those whom we believe can make a difference in the world of martial arts and will be a benefit to the WKO and its future.

Extensive advertising has ensured the success of the Organization and its events. By the end of 2012 the World Kumite Organization will be a household name among Traditional Martial Artists.

Please take some time to look at our sight and also search YouTube and see the success of WKO tournaments though out the world

image017With the advice and guidance of Masters such as Kancho Masayasu Sugihara, Shihan Kazuyuki Hasigawa, Kancho Toshio Mizuguchi , Shihan Eddie Emin, Shihan Adimer Dacosta, Shihan George Kolovos , Kancho Walid Hassan , Hanchi Shaghaghi ,Master Ooi , Shihan Monte Allen, Shihan Barry Johnson ,Shihan Gonghan, Shihan Brg. Gen Terra Nawangwara, Shihan Hoosain Narker, Shihan Tamaki Moriguchi, Sifu Gawain Siu,Shihan Judd Reid and many many more , my job has been easy to  ensure the success and strength of the WKO and help it to continue to grow and promote the martial arts on a global scale to the level it truly deserves.
image019On a special note, as of 2011 a special honour is given to 1 member of the WKO to attempt the WKO 100 man Kumite which is made up of 100 of the WKO’s top fighters . To complete the 100 man you must fight for 100 rounds at 1 minute 30 sec per round unless you score an Ipon, then a new fighter comes on the mate. The fighter receives a 10 second break but must stay in the centre mate while the new fighter enters. This is full contact Knockdown WKO rules. Normally the 100 man Kumite is fought inside you own dojo with you fellow students from the same system, THIS IS NOT SO with the WKO 100 man Kumite. The fighters are made up of the top fighters for different WKO tournaments around Japan and from different styles. This is the most gruelling test of ability in martial arts today.

In 2011 that honour was given Judd Reid image025the winner of the 2010 World Kumite open weight division. On the 22nd of October 2012 Judd Reid went down in history as the first person to attempt this and succeed. Judd competition after reaching the panicle of what all martial artist dream of. For this honour he was presented his 5th Dan in Shorin Kempo and from this day on is known as Shihan or Sifu Judd Reid


The future….. On Febuary the 3rd 2013 the World Kumite Organization announced that by utilizing the WKO Corporation Co Ltd (the Marketing engine for the WKO) That the WKO will be launching the First ever Vitamin Drink targeted for Martial artists. WKO has given this task to a company called KUMITE CONNECT who specialize in marketing of targeted products .

Profits will be designated to different WKO projects one of which is the opening on a Japanese Honbo (World Kumite Organization Training Centre) situated in Okinawa the birth place of Karate.

WKO also is supporting the bid to take Karate to the 2020 Olympics , Kumite Connect will being issuing free tee shirts to all competitors in Major WKO tournament internationally in Japan and around the world promoting Karate for the Olympics and the World Kumite Organization. We beleive that by promoting our champions on a globle scale this is the best way to promote the World Kumite Organization and Knock down karate around the world

baharamiwkoIn 2013, The WKO held its first ring Karate championships in Thailand (The South East Asia Open Karate Championships) . The first half of the event was designed to give Semi contact and points karate styles from South East Asia a chance to try out and compete in a full contact Karate Tournament . This was a great success, Styles such as Goju Ryu , Shotokan and many others gave it a try and did well for their first time . The second part of the tournament was the veteran fighters whom took the tournament to a new level. The ring karate rules took the excitement and visual effect to a new height.

wkonewsaIn Melbourne on the 3rd of March Australia Shihan George Kolovos held the first WKO Novice tournament with over 150 competitors. This just goes to show that the future in Karate is still strong.


If you are a prominent member of the WKO and have experience in running tournaments and wish to hold a WKO sanctioned event in your region please contact [email protected]

Once again on behalf of the Executive board of the World Kumite Organization thank you for your support.

I humbly wish to thank you for taking the time to read this introduction and I hope you will seriously think about joining and being a part of this new and exciting organization.

 Sifu Kancho

Kaicho for The World Kumite Organization

2016 WKO Bushido Camp



It’s going to be a very busy year for the WKO in 2016 with the World Kumite Championship and the WKO World Cup in the same year. It’s time to start booking for another great International camp in Thailand. This time at a secret location 1 hr. only from Pattaya city specially set up for what is tipped to be the best camp yet.

Masters Teaching at the Camp each specialize in different field and style of Martial Art and combined will offer you a valuable amount of knowledge and an experience not to be missed, Masters and Champions from Japan and all over the world will be here to pass on their knowledge.

Classes will be held in Kata and Weapons , Tournament Kumite, judo , Muay Thai , Full contact Karate , Boxing, Teaching Techniques, Advanced Kempo and Karate Techniques, from specialist.

If you are interested in attending this very special camp, please click the button below to download the application.

Only 60 persons accepted.

Applications close December 15th.

If you are competing in the Kumite the camp is only $100 us

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As you are probably aware, we are in the process of upgrading our website.

Yesterday, during the upgrade process, some of you may have received an email stating that your membership had been deleted. That message was sent by mistake. Rest assured that no existing members have been deleted.

We apologize for any concern this may have created.

Thank you for your patience during this upgrade period.

Countdown to 2016 World Kumite Championships










World Kumite Championships


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