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2016 WKO World Cup Japan Draw

The Four Founders
Sugihara Kancho and Sifu Kancho along with the support of some of the most influential Masters in martial arts from Japanese and international roots have been working tirelessly to promote the WKO to a rate of growth second to no other martial arts organization in the world…
The Four Founders


Dear members of the World Kumite Organization, fellow martial artists and friends. We have come a long way since setting up the WKO in 2007, enjoyed forever memorable moments and witnessed extraordinary growth: Together, We – the member organizations forming the WKO – represent today approximately 6 million martial artists around the world…

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The Four Founders

Goals for 2016

The WKO is growing everyday and with fame and success also comes a massive financial burden which we can only continue to grow with the support of our members.  From 2007 to 2016 we have seen a massive growth in not just members but also activities, camps, tournament, and seminars…

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Our Leaders

The Friendship of our Two Leaders

This bond between Sugihara Soshi and Sifu Kancho is a very special bond, like twins they both think the same and despite the language  difference these two seem to know every thought of each other and when together are virtually inseparable…

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All Members

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